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Practical Aspects of Creating an Inclusive Clinic Space

Practical Aspects of Creating an Inclusive Clinic Space

Here’s some follow up information after tonight’s live from Oakley Coaching:

“We are Oakley Coaching and my name is Philippa Oakley, I am a chiropractor and we are accredited coaches and healthcare professionals who specialise in supporting practitioners working in both private practice and the NHS.

The LGBTQ+ community have specific healthcare needs, and specific barriers to accessing healthcare. We’re so glad Osteo Allies reached out to us to talk about LGBTQ+ specific healthcare needs after hearing about the training we offer to support practitioners in this area. We have worked with @TheRealMassage to develop a self-led, CPD certified online course where you will learn how to create a safe, inclusive space for your LGBTQ+ patients and build a practice that is fully inclusive. The benefits of this are boundless.

The Oakley Coaching Confident Clinicians Academy has been developed to bring you the very best in online skills courses to help you in clinical practice. Find out more at: https://learn.oakleycoach.com/