Cranial Osteopathy

Gently massaging the head and the spine to release stresses all over the body

The benefits of Cranial Osteopathy can be experienced at our clinics in Fetcham and Hitchin

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Cranial osteopathy follows the basic principles of osteopathy. It is a practice with a particular focus on releasing the stresses and strains of the body through gentle movement and pressure. It is a safe, non-invasive approach and is often used on newborn babies and children due to its gentleness.

It is suitable for a broad range of individuals ranging from children and babies to pregnant women and the elderly.

Osteopaths address a variety of health issues such as:

Management of Headaches arising from the neck
Digestion problems
Anxiety and Stress
Arthritis pain
Neck and Back Pain
Osteopaths believe in the healthy balance between structure and function. They use a combination of osteopathic techniques that are specific to the patient’s pain and rehabilitation plan.

Our Osteo Allies clinic in Marylebone is built to listen to your needs, taking into consideration every aspect of your life for a treatment tailored to your healing.

How may Cranial Osteopathy help you?

Osteopaths use a range of techniques that involve massage, stretches, exercise rehabilitation, and gentle manipulation of the joints.

Cranial osteopathy focuses on applying pressure on the tissues of your body, alleviating tension in the body, in the joints, and in parts such as the neck and the lower back. Our treatment combines pain relief with rehabilitation exercises that adults can do at home to help support their recovery.

Cranial osteopathy may also help relieve the stress built up in your body through light pressure, improving overall wellbeing.

Cranial osteopathy for newborn babies is a gentle way to treat them as their skeletons are softer than an adult’s. It is a safe treatment for both babies and adults.

We believe here at Osteo Allies that it is important to consider that pain is multifactorial and therefore it’s not only the particular painful area that we assess. We examine your body as a whole, considering your lifestyle and suggesting solutions for rapid rehabilitation.

Cranial Osteopathy for infants.

Cranial osteopathy is safe for infants.

Its gentleness may help babies that are unsettled with their reflux and disturbed sleep.

Also, the delivery of a baby is not as simple as it seems neither for the mother nor for the baby. During delivery, the baby’s skull is compressed and moulded to naturally come down the birth canal. Cranial osteopathy can potentially alleviate the baby’s discomfort and strain.

Our certified osteopaths are here for you and your baby for a soothing treatment.

What to expect during your first Cranial Osteopathic session.

When you book a consultation at one of our clinics in London, Surrey or Hertfordshire we will send you an initial intake form. This form will be sent directly to your personal osteopath prior to your appointment, with your medical history included.

Once you arrive at the clinic, you will discuss with your osteopath your detailed case history – this is your medical history, your needs and concerns. This is where your osteopath will be able to really understand the issue and produce a diagnosis.

After your case history has been filled, a clinical examination and diagnosis follow. Your osteopath will prepare a treatment plan tailored to your needs. They use a combination of techniques such as cranial osteopathy.

At the end of the session, you are given follow-up advice that is useful for your recovery, such as neck stretch exercises that relieve tension and support your rehabilitation.

For any questions or concerns during aftercare, you can always Get in touch with us and your osteopath.

Baby Consultations

The procedure for your baby’s osteopathic session is similar to an adult’s. Your osteopath will ask you questions about the labour and birth, giving your child the care they deserve.

Osteopaths also sometimes work alongside lactation consultants to give postural advice when breastfeeding.

Why come to us for treatment.

Osteo Allies was born out of our true passion for osteopathy and improving the well-being of our patients. Our Osteo Allies dedicate their time to alleviating pain and discomfort and promoting better health.

We are award-winning. Trusted by the general public and several household names, we deliver exceptional care for a rapid recovery.

We are specialists. Our experience in delivering osteopathic treatments spans over 30 years.

We understand your pain. Our treatment and osteopathic care are based on listening to our patient’s concerns and tailoring their treatment plans to their needs.

We collaborate together. We work together with you to understand your every pain and your every ache.

Get in touch with our clinic for an initial consultation and a solution to your discomfort. Our allies have got your back.


Looking after your Physical and Mental wellbeing 

Our range of therapies complements each other to ensure we create ultimate wellbeing.

Nutritional advice will help those with stomach and visceral problems. Osteopathy and exercise rehabilitation works with alignment, injuries and posture. Reiki, Tai Chi and Counselling ensure that our minds are dealing with everyday stress efficiently.

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