Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

You might be suffering from back pain, a sprained ankle or stiffness in one of your joints

Our aims, are to relieve pain, restore mobility and provide effective rehabilitation

What is Osteopathy for sports injuries?

Osteopaths have been part of the official health care support for Olympic athletes since 2012. It’s become a widely accepted physical therapy that helps to protect from harm, and also assists with healing.

You’re probably familiar with the use of sports massage and physiotherapy in both professional and amateur sports. Both of these disciplines are commonly used to help with sports injuries. So where does osteopathy fit in?

The two professions – physiotherapy and osteopathy – are closely related and their practitioners treat very similar conditions. The physiotherapist gives attention to movement and exercise, education and advice. Your osteopath pays much more attention to the structure and function of your body. We have a deep understanding of how the skeleton, muscles, nerves, ligaments and connective tissues function.

Osteopathy for sports injuries considers every aspect of your life. We have to because you’re using your body all the time and every aspect of your lifestyle can make a difference to your performance in sports.

Do you spend long hours working at a computer? Does your work involve a lot of standing or lifting? Any pain or discomfort in your body could be as much due to activity outside of your sport as being caused by it.

Our role, as osteopaths to sporting professionals and sports lovers, is to help improve your physical fitness through gentle massage, non-invasive manipulation of muscles and ligaments, along with exercises and advice.

How Osteopathy helps with sports injuries.

Through a combination of massage, stretches, gentle manipulation of joints and rehabilitation exercises, we help with recovery from sporting injuries.

It’s no surprise that you experience the occasional sprain, weakness or similar injury from time to time, even if you’re not heavily involved with sport. Our bodies are designed for active living and they’re a complex arrangement of skeletal muscle, blood vessels, nerves and much more. They’re in almost constant motion, and even when we sit still for long periods, such as when we’re driving or at a desk, the muscles are still doing their job.

The complexity of your body, combined with the busyness of your life, is the reason why we ask a lot of questions before and during your first consultation. You might be suffering from back pain, a sprained ankle or stiffness in one of your joints. To help solve that particular problem we need to understand what else is going on with your body. The acute pain you’re suffering may be from a specific injury, but we don’t just want to see improvement in that. We want to help you understand how to protect against similar injuries occurring again.

Our aims, with all our osteopathic patients, are to relieve pain, restore mobility and provide effective rehabilitation. We want you to be able to do what you love without being held back by pain or stiffness in your body.

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Looking after your Physical and Mental wellbeing 

Our range of therapies complements each other to ensure we create ultimate wellbeing.

Nutritional advice will help those with stomach and visceral problems. Osteopathy and exercise rehabilitation works with alignment, injuries and posture. Reiki, Tai Chi and Counselling ensure that our minds are dealing with everyday stress efficiently.

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