Trapped Nerves

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What Causes Trapped Nerves?

Nerves can get trapped either from the place where they exit the spine through narrowing of the bony spaces (which can occur in a number of ways) or through compression from muscles or joints which have become tightened either due to injury or because of muscle imbalance. Trapped nerves usually give people symptoms such as ‘Pins and needles’ or a ‘fizzy’ sensation, which can travel from one place to another. It is not relieved from moving the limbs or body around. Weakness or giving way of an area, temperature changes ie, fingers may feel cold or numb.

Trapped nerves can be helped if they are due to compression away from the spine. If they are due to spinal compression, symptoms may be relieved by increasing mobility above and below the area to take the strain off the joint, however usually in these cases visiting an Orthopaedic consultant or getting X-rays or scans are advisable.

Your Osteopath will be able to diagnose through thorough medical examination whether the symptoms require a medical referral or not.


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