The pain you feel during a headache comes from a mix of signals between your brain, blood vessels, and nearby nerves

Primary headaches, like migraine or tension headaches, are among the most common headaches that lead people to seek medical treatment

What Are Headaches?

Headaches are common and most commonly arise from the neck. They are frustrating and can alter in severity and how often they occur. The pain of a severe headache can force you into bed and stop you from doing anything. They affect your vision and strong lighting can hurt the eyes.

Commonly you may experience pressure over the head, face and eyes, tiredness, a feeling of sickness, and a blurry feeling in the skull.

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What Causes Headaches?

Posture, Stress, Trauma, Dehydration, Muscle spasm, Tension in your neck.

Seeing an osteopath at Osteo Allies about your headaches can reduce their severity and their regularity of them. This is done by soft tissue massage, mobilisation and manipulation of the joints, diet analysis and advice for you to help stretch and strengthen the relevant muscles to protect the spine and neck.


Looking after your Physical and Mental wellbeing 

Our range of therapies complements each other to ensure we create ultimate wellbeing.

Nutritional advice will help those with stomach and visceral problems. Osteopathy and exercise rehabilitation works with alignment, injuries and posture. Reiki, Tai Chi and Counselling ensure that our minds are dealing with everyday stress efficiently.

Osteopathic medicine and posture

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How we can help you

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