Wrist and Hand Pain

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What Causes Wrist and Hand Pain?

Repetitive strain injury, Carpel tunnel syndrome, Referred pain from the elbow or neck, Joints out of line, Fracture if associated with injury, Tight muscles, Trigger finger, Arthritis – Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis

wrist and hand painSome of the symptoms you may be experiencing with wrist and hand pain are;

  • Local specific pain which you can put your finger on and say ‘the pain is here’
  • Constant nagging pain that you cannot be free of
  • Restricted movements of the hand or wrist giving pain when ‘brushing or drying your hair’ or ‘driving the car’ i.e. having hands on the steering wheel
  • ‘Pins and needles’ ‘tingling’ at the base of the thumb, weakness of thumb movement, deep pain in the wrist especially at night.
  • Wrist and hand feel limp and weak, may even feel cold
  • Sharp sudden pain on movement e.g. pushing open a door
  • General ache around the wrist and hand area, one that you can’t pinpoint, it feels like a ‘deep nagging ache’
  • Pain following an injury that does not go away, increases with cold or hot therapy
  • Fingers that get stuck when they are bent, cannot be straightened without helping with the other hand
  • Stiffness in the joints in the mornings, when writing or trying to hold cups or sew garments
  • Joints that feel hot and swollen, or joints have started to look like they have ‘changed shape’ or started ‘bending out of shape’

How Osteopathy Helps with Wrist and Hand Pain

Your Osteopath will go through a range of questions with you during your Initial Consultation which will help us to understand the cause of the pain, and a treatment plan will be tailor-made for your diagnosis.

Please note: if the cause of the discomfort is not mechanical in nature (due to damage to the muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons) and is due to some other underlying issue, then the Osteopath will be able to refer you to the correct health professional to help deal with your symptoms.


Looking after your Physical and Mental wellbeing 

Our range of therapies complements each other to ensure we create ultimate wellbeing.

Nutritional advice will help those with stomach and visceral problems. Osteopathy and exercise rehabilitation works with alignment, injuries and posture. Reiki, Tai Chi and Counselling ensure that our minds are dealing with everyday stress efficiently.

Osteopathic medicine and posture

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