Osteopathic Medicine & Posture

Our aim is to reduce pain, return your body to its optimum state of health and show you how to stay there

We get to the root of the problem and discover the treatment plan that works best for you, to obtain rapid results


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Therapies – Osteopathic Medicine and Posture

Osteopaths work with the body in order to ensure its structure is functioning correctly.  Our Osteopaths use a range of techniques from an ultrasound for ligament damage to acupuncture.

We have the skills and dedication to get to the root of your problem.


Osteopathy at work

Cranial Osteopathy

Ultrasound Interferential Therapy

Spinal Assessment

Spinal Assessment

Ergonomic and Postural

Ergonomic and Postural Advice


How we can help you

If you would like a spinal assessment or have an injury please get in touch with us or