Western Acupuncture

Proven to reduce pain and stimulate blood flow

Used along-side osteopathy to provide the highest level of patient care

Western Acupuncture / Dry needling

Acupuncture is defined as the insertion of solid needles into the body for therapeutic purposes.

Medical Acupuncture can be performed in two different ways, targeting trigger points or not. If the practitioner finds ‘trigger points in the muscle they can insert the needle directly into the trigger point. Trigger points are also sometimes referred to as ‘knots’ and are pain areas in the muscle that can refer pain to points in other areas of the body. Needling these trigger points can relieve the pain both locally and in other areas.

When there are no trigger points the muscle itself is needled and this needle can interrupt the messages that are transmitted from the muscle to the central nervous system, i.e. your brain, and therefore change your perception of pain.

Most first-timers want to know if medical acupuncture hurts, and the answer depends on the patient. Some people experience some pain when the needle is inserted and sometimes pain is felt in other areas. It is very unique what you feel and you will never know until you experience it.

At Osteo Allies, medical acupuncture is used alongside our osteopathy, it is another way of providing our patients with the highest level of patient care.

What our Clients say…

Since coming to Osteo Allies I have been feeling better, from booking initial consultation and treatment I have encountered a friendly and professional service.

And the best thing is? I now no longer feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

Ana L


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Nutritional advice will help those with stomach and visceral problems. Osteopathy and exercise rehabilitation works with alignment, injuries and posture. Reiki, Tai Chi and Counselling ensure that our minds are dealing with everyday stress efficiently.

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