You’ve probably seen athletes using foam rollers in the gym, but what do they actually do?
Foam rolling is a therapy technique that can boost flexibility, improve recovery, and increase the joints’ range of movement. Essentially, using a foam roller prompts myofascial release, directly affecting areas that are tight within the myofascial by relaxing the muscles being rolled.

Why Use A Foam Roller?

There are several benefits of foam rolling:

  • It improves your flexibility in both the long and short-term
  • It enhances the range of movement in your joints
  • It reduces the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness
  • It can aid your performance when used as part of your pre-workout warm-up

How Long Do I Need to Use A Foam Roller For?

It’s advised to do foam rolling over 3 to 5 sets of 20 to 30 second reps to produce a short-term change in your myofascial flexibility. For a longer effect, you should carry out the same regime three to five times weekly to produce the best result.

Could Foam Rolling Help Me With My Sporting Injuries?

Foam rolling won’t resolve all your sporting injury problems, but it can certainly help you on your road to recovery. As part of your treatment with your osteopath, you can learn how to use a foam roller effectively to treat your issues at home. In combination with professionally-delivered hands-on therapies, you’ll be back to full fitness before you know it.