In honour of all the men in our world and in recognition of the distinct pressures that men often feel, this blog focuses on male wellbeing. Here are a few ways that men can focus on themselves and support their body and mind.

Maintaining a Healthy Mind

Finding and maintaining balance in life helps mitigate the huge expectation on modern man to be all things to all people, shouldering this burden stoically (although this is slowly changing). Bursts of anger or withdrawal are common symptoms when life or your hormones are out of balance. Here are ways to help men discover greater mental wellbeing.

Finding balance

Work, family, friends, hobbies, time alone – there are competing demands on men’s time just as there are for women. Finding the balance that works for you is so important to improve mental health. Discover ways to bring this balance into your life by considering a longer period of time. Some days you may have to work longer hours but maybe this could be balanced with a work-from-home day, and how could you carve out time for yourself or time with your partner?

It’s OK to Talk

The old adage “a problem shared is a problem halved” is so true. Talking to someone about the things that matter to you, that worry you, or which cause you real stress will help you to manage all the associated feelings.

An appointment with your osteopath offers a safe space to talk or you may wish to consider the NHS Talking Therapy Sessions or visiting the Every Mind Matters website.

If you’d prefer to do it yourself, consider meditation apps that can offer time out for you to think and unwind. Apps such as Mindspace and Mindvalley come highly recommended.

Did you know that working out and keeping active burns stress as well as fat?

The impact of Trauma

We are all likely to carry some form of trauma from our younger years and if this hasn’t been processed, situations, events and words can have a very different impact than they were intended. If there is unresolved trauma in your life – you’ll know it because you are affected and distracted by it as an adult – it is worth working on it to lessen, or preferably help it to disappear. Read more about trauma, its impact and what you can do to alleviate it in this blog by our Homoeopathy consultant, Ali Lomax.

If you would like to talk to us about men’s wellbeing, men’s health in general or a specific physical or mental condition, book an initial consultation with an OsteoAllies osteopath in Fetcham, Hitchin or London here. Read our blog about maintaining a healthy body too.