Are you ramping up your training to improve your endurance and become a better, fitter cyclist? Just as you need to get your bicycle ready to ride, you need to get your body ready to ride to be able to reach those peaks. Setting goals and taking care of your body will ensure that cycling stays fun whilst you boost your performance.

  1. Get your body bike fit.
    First and foremost, if you feel any pain or discomfort BEFORE starting to exercise then don’t expect it to go away itself when you cycle and put pressure on your body! Getting an osteopathy structural assessment at the beginning of a cycling season ensures that your body is aligned. In other words, everything is in balance with equal strength on both sides. This puts you in the optimum condition for the work ahead.
  2. Check your tyres!
    Tyres that are too soft make it difficult to handle the bike, especially on corners and tyres that are too hard ‘bump’ against every irregularity in a road’s service. Both situations impact the body. Too soft and there’s too much grip, creating resistance so you must pedal harder, using more energy.  Rock hard tyres cause your bike to pummel your body as you go over bumps, causing strains and discomfort.
  3. Use your gears.
    It sounds so simple but so many cyclists do not use their gears to their advantage. Using the right gear helps to neutralise resistance, lessening the impact on your body. Moving through the gears on each ride turbo boosts your endurance by building up your cardiovascular health.
  4. Breathe in rhythm with your cycling.
    Finding your cycling rhythm and breathing along with it will help you to maintain a steady power and speed. Being in tune with your bike enables you to move with it rather than against it, lessening the potential for strain and again, increasing your performance.
  5. Stay hydrated.
    When you exercise, you need to hydrate to replace lost moisture and to support your muscles. As cycling is such a power-intensive activity, you will probably benefit from adding electrolytes to your hydration plan.
  6. Powerful protein.
    Many athletes eat carbohydrates for energy before they start physical exercise, but did you know that eating protein-rich foods after your activity will help you recover more quickly? It’s thanks to the amino acids in protein that help build your muscles and that can help with fatigue.  Book an appointment with our nutritionist for a bespoke dietary plan to support your performance goals.
  7. Stay in tune with your body.
    Regular check-ups throughout your cycling season will keep your body in tip top shape. Book a session with our sports massage therapist or with our osteopathy team to check that your body remains in alignment.

Remember #MotionIsLotion so love your cycling and take care of your body!

If you want to get cycling ready or are feeling the strain after cycling, ask us to take a look and offer advice on treatment and future prevention. You can book an initial consultation with an OsteoAllies Osteopaths in Fetcham, Hitchin or London here.